Our mission is to help the victims' families and friends find closure of losing their loved ones;

to look into a possible alternative answer of why these drownings are occurring;
and to increase awareness of the constant spirituality of our surroundings.

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robert veach of Vparanormal.com said:   July 8, 2016 7:40 pm PST
Nice work!

Sandra king hudson said:   November 7, 2015 8:04 am PST
Looking forward to seeing your work.

nphoenix said:   September 7, 2014 1:57 pm PST
I was excited to see that someone's focusing on these deaths as a pattern, but when I discovered the "paranormal" angle, I was appalled. What a disservice to the families. A serious investigation would focus on these drownings as murders, and push for a criminal investiation. Many, many people in the area believe this is the work of a low-profile serial killer, perhaps someone with ties to law enforcement or municipal government. This "paranormal" approach just discredits any serious investigation attempts, and appropriates tragedy to sell a ridiculous fiction. Too damned bad.

Stephanie Visconti said:   January 5, 2014 10:37 pm PST
Very Cool...

Irismar Perozo said:   September 17, 2013 9:07 pm PST
Good evening! i just saw the documental you posted on youtube! it looks really interesting and amazing, very well made! i just subscribe your channel and shared the video with some friends and they loved it too. Keep the good work i hope to see more of what you guys do! Big hug from Venezuela! :D

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